This is Me



I am a trained Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I also work two part-time jobs. I’m divorced. I am a single-mum. I am a mother of two (12 and 7 years old). I am recovering from BED (binge eating disorder). I returned to Switzerland in 2015 after more than a decade living in Botswana (southern Africa), and so forth.


That’s all nice and good, but I want to tell you who I really am.

Real. Raw. Messy.   

We all carry within us a belief, a hidden motivation that impacts everything. The way we think, feel and do things. For me, my personal belief was, in order to be loved, valued and accepted I need to be perfect. I truly used to believe that I have to be perfect in order to deserve happiness, that I have to be good, extra good, better than I am now. I had very strict internal standards, constantly rejecting who I am. I still do at times, this very deep rooted belief still pops up regularly, but now I welcome it. 

I now understand that the goal of life is not to make a perfect self, but to see that I am perfectly made (and so are you!!!) We are perfectly imperfect!


True presence has to do with being present with whatever we’re experiencing, not present in spite of. Being present is ‘not to reject’, it's about finding a way to be WITH. To be with your whole body, mind and heart.


The doorway to re-connect with ourselves, our essence is to be non-rejecting of any aspect of ourselves or of reality. This for me is what life is all about, finding back to our own truth. A truth. Your truth.


Through energy work (EFT, Innerdance), Family Constellation, mindfulness and the studies of the Enneagram and its virtues I am on a continues journey to fully embracing my inner and outer world. It’s an amazing journey. I am so grateful. Rather than fixing, eradicating, or smoothing over the parts of me that I think are unlovable I am learning to welcome them.

Therein lies our power, experiencing our wholeness, our source of creativity and our ability to spark that in others.

On my Blog you will find my Newsletter archive, with all my past BroXkully monthly's... you might find something that resonates with you, happy exploring<3


Fun Facts:

I am a natural blond. I was born in Namibia. I spent 2/3 of my life in Southern Africa. I love a glass of good wine. I’m 1.75m. I love spring. I love dancing in the rain. I love my siblings. I love sunflowers. I don’t like sunbathing. I dislike raisins. I cannot stand fennel. I love sparkling water. Oh yes and lets not forget I love chocolate and cake.



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