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When last did you check-in with yourself? We check-in with our families, friends, colleagues, partner etc. but when have you last checked-in with YOU?

Take a minute, breathe deeply – how do you feel, what emotions are coming up? How does it feel in your body? Where do you feel it? Stay with it.

Inquire. Listen. Let it arise. Get to know yourself.

We cannot love ourselves if we do not know ourselves.

One of the best gifts I gave myself during this month of August (yeahyyy I turned 34) is yet another intense session with my psychotherapist. I am left in awe and a deep sense of gratitude for my body’s wisdom and its ability to communicate when listened to.

Each person’s healer is within themselves.

For me a self-sabotaging pattern (that served its purpose, and I am grateful for that, but is now no longer needed) has been replaced with a new awareness:

It is time for a new self-perception!

What part of you wants to be checked-in on?

Which part of you wants to be listened to?

What subconscious patterns are you living out?

Much love... discover, get to know... listen, experience, but most importantly, have fun with the process :)

big fat hug


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