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Perfectly imperfect

A friend: "How are you doing?"

*tears running down my cheeks*

Me: "Honestly, I feel completely overwhelmed right now, clueless and inadequate!"

*after an intimate chat*

My friend: "I thought I was the only one! Thanks for sharing."

This reminded me, there's strength in sharing our 'messiness'!

It's real, authentic & relatable!

There are times I question it ALL. My abilities, my worth, who I am!

Here's a big one! Am I good enough? As a mother? As a friend? As a sister? As a daughter? As a mother? As an entrepreneur? As a partner? As a lover? As a coach? As me? As a mother (You can tell, this is a current one for me)?!

The answer is NO - probably not! We will never be 'enough' if we strive for perfection. Close but never close enough!

BUT: The perfection is in the imperfection. You and I are perfectly imperfect! Our messiness makes us who we are. In fact, i believe, part of our journey is to understand - truly understand - that what makes us perfect, wonderful, unique, amazing - IS our imperfections!!!

Wishing you an imperfectly perfect Feb!

Embrace your messiness! xox


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