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Updated: Jul 10, 2018

This year is yet another chapter in this book called life… what is your ‘heading’ for 2018?

You might be feeling stuck, going in circles, not sure if you are moving forward or backwards, or moving at all. We are constantly in motion. Have you asked yourself, what am I moving towards this year?

My own heading for this year is:

‘I am worthy!’

Can you feel it, this feeling within? I know I can…

It’s time!

Time to give yourself PERMISSION to…

…be vulnerable

…tell the truth

…let go

…embrace what is

…make mistakes

…start again


…ask for forgiveness

…be afraid

You are your own Author!

I give myself permission to ‘know my worth’! What is it for YOU?

Wishing you a month full of reflections and courage to re-connect with yourself.

Nathania :)

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