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What a month – rich in experiences, lessons and transformations.

Having felt an unbelievable diverse amount of emotions, what a ride. I feel enriched.

We see the world the way we see ourselves, through our own filters.

Our filters shape our perception of the world. Our values are our most influential filter, often subconsciously. Our ‘being’ is guided by our values. What is your highest value? Does your value limit you? Does it keep you stuck in your patterns? Does it free you?

Do you live your value? How do you live your value?

My highest value is ‘belonging’.

To belong. I long to belong. Never having felt like I belonged.

Honor that part of you.

Honoring that part of me by giving it a voice...

Dear ‘part-of-me’, to whom this feeling of belonging is so important, what are you giving me? What are you showing me? What do I get from you?

Moving towards belonging. I belong. I’m free.

Get to know yourself! It’s a worthwhile journey, crazy beautiful and painful at times, but always worth it.

Systemic Work is one of several amazing methods that can truly enrich your journey of self-discovery. I am honoured to organise our 2nd ‘Systemic Constellation Seminar’ here, in Aarau, together with Ania Diamantis.

For Details/Flyer check out link (German only)


I am very grateful to be able to share my journey with you <3

Lots of love


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