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a deep shift within

As I dive deeper into my studies, approaching my 2nd module fast, I am in awe of the healing that can take place when allowing deep routed issues to surface.

My understanding and appreciation for this very intense journey is growing daily.

I am grateful to have chosen this path of becoming a Systemic Constellation Practictioner and Facilitator.

“A living system is defined not by the individual parts, but by the relationships between them. The flow of energy. The flow of love.”

Personally, a lot has been set in motion. At times the impact seems insignificant, until certain interactions, with myself, close family members, my kids etc. feel different, pointing at change, new dynamics. Mostly subconsciously and yet very tangable.

An Inner Shift.

“Family constellations produce an energy field. This experience shows us that there is a connection with the larger whole, with a spiritual field. In a constellation something profound is brought to the surface in a very simple way. Then solutions can be found with the love that has become visible, solutions that can have a healing effect in the soul – simply because a reality has been made visible.”

(Bert Hellinger)

Feeling apprehensive? Curious? Excited? Elated? Find out more...

I am very grateful to be able to host a good friend of mine, here in Aarau, next month. Ania Diamantis, will be facilitating a Systemic Constellation Seminar, read more about it here.

I am very grateful to be able to share my journey with you <3

Lots of love


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