• Nathania

Heart to mind: 'Step aside - I've got this'

Updated: Jul 10, 2018


The other day my daughter deeply felt something is fundamentally flawed with her.


I went into ‘fix it’-mode. Desperately searching for solutions and advice to make her feel better. Help her see that she is the most wonderful, strong, brave, beautiful little girl.


She didn’t need any of that. She needed me to hold her. Allowing her to feel her pain. Be with it, all of it. Embracing her, all of her. Feeling is healing.

Today, this week, this month ALLOW YOURSELF to FEEL.

Wishing you a ‘feeling’ month, filled with mindfulness and love <3

Nathania :)

NEWS – My website is now available in both English and German! A big ShoutOut to my good friend Janine, thank you for your encouragement and big help with the translation. Learn more about her and her work here kedu.ch

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